Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tech - Making Bread

"Who is that girl in front of the ingredients?" the teacher says. "It's Sammy" Room 7 responds. "Can you show the yeast, Sammy?" the teacher asked. "Okay" with a confused look on my face, first I picked up the salt, then someone whispered, "Next to the flour" So when I found it I held it up with a grin. We were making bread, and some of the ingredients I didn't even know until tech.

 Mr. Swift had put a task which was to make bread. My partners were Rosrine & Manu. At first, it was kinda wet, but we managed. 

We also used teamwork which really helped a lot! Tech was amazing especially with our teacher Mr. Swift!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Prototec Results - Maths

Today this is my Prototec score. I have got 40/40 in 3m & 40s. Next time I need to work on the time that is being used, but this is a great score. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Describing A Tongan.

Growing up living in a Tongan home, I am always taught to be proud for who I am For me, knowing who I am and where I come from is enough for me to represent our country and culture with pride. Tongan runs through my blood. 
Malo Aupito xx 
#TonganLanguageWeek #TonganPride 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My Achievement - Maths

I have achieved how to convert fractions to decimals, and percentages and vice versa. 

My achievement - Reading

I have learnt how to identify important information in the text to help me evaluate the text.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


This is 3 spectacular facts I have found about Spain. I am very proud of this because I have spent half an hour researching different things about Spain and had so much fun.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Work Of Jesus.

Today Olga & I have been working on 'The work of Jesus'. We know that the apostles continued the work of Jesus by healing people and by sharing the word of God.  

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Stage One - Rugby Sevens (Inquiry Learning)

For my Inquiry learning I was set to choose a sport, and use my prior knowledge to write about. The sport that I chose is 'Rugby Sevens' because Rugby interests me because the way they tackle and use there amazing skills. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Similarities and Differences (Reading)

School Journal: Level 4, October 2015 (Benny)
School Journal: Part 4, Number 3, 1994 (Once Bitten)

Monday, 15 August 2016

Maths - Prototec Record

This is my Prototec Record for Monday 15th August.  For my combination to 1000 I have gone low, so next time I'm going to try my best to get 10/10. 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Cross Country Practise!

“WOW!! Okay then just leave me!” I say. “Hold up! I’m coming now!” I scream, but still walking slow as a turtle! I felt like a slob just walking! Well, some of the parts I ran and some I didn’t! I see nearly the whole of Room 5 going past, even Room 7! I couldn’t even run without my running shoes! I forgot to bring it so I just had to go in my school shoes.
I finally see Stanley just walking so I caught up with him and started having a conversation. He wanted to run so I told him to go and I’ll catch up. Then I see Rosrine so I went with her and had another long conversation. We saw Mrs. Tui getting her phone out taking photos so we were almost where she was and finally Stanley came. “Look good for the photo!” I say to Rosrine & Stanley. They just laughed at smiled for the picture. We were almost to the finish line and Rosrine made it first while I just walked it. As I crossed the finish line I went to the green cold grass and went and lied down. Today we have to do 3 laps! Crazy right?!?! If I can’t make 2 I surely can’t make 3!

Everyday Theatre!

The Everyday Theatre was an amazing experience! The thing that I really liked the way they acted in each scene it was amazing. The other thing that I really admired was when they had said that “Mostly Pacific Islanders have the most rates of being the most awesome actors & actress!” those words made me want to join drama and act!

DLO Ned Show

Today I have created a DLO of the Ned Show. This show was very astonishing because there was so many tricks that she had done. This show was also very meaningful... 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Being Smart Online

Writing Type: Recount  
Recount - Cyber Bullying Talk
Constable Gordon had came to talk to Room 7 about being smart online.
“Does anyone know what Cyber means?” says Constable Gordon, some put up their hands and some didn't. Since Constable Gordon talked about cyber bullying one thing I have learnt was to always think whenever I do something electronically.  
One thing that really surprised me was if you are over the age of 14 and you have done something that is against the law, you can be charged. “You need to think” he says.
I am really grateful that Constable Gordon came because now I understand that if you cyber bully it can make a massive impact on people’s lives. Now I know that everything you do or say to someone online that is nasty is called ‘Cyber Bullying’.
Another thing that really surprised me was that New Zealand is the most rated where the cyber bullying is happening.
I know now that one thing you have to do is to think twice before you post or say something because it can never come off.

Written By: Sammy
Checked By: Alecia

Friday, 29 July 2016

My Narrative (Trolls Trailer)

Setting: The Jungle
Problem: Lulu is scared of the dark and Willie is not calm.
Solution: She gets over her fear of the darkness, and Willie gets his peaceful sleep.
As I’m cuddled up in my leaves looking at the sky I see Willie (My older brother) sleeping. He wasn’t scared, I was! It was creepy for me because bears were in the jungle where we were, and on top of that I was near the trees! So I started singing while staring up in the sky. Willie woke up with an angry look on his face, “What the heck are you doing Lulu!? I’m trying to sleep here?!?!”.
Well I thought that he was just being nasty so I went back into my leaves and sat there for a while. I looked next to me, I saw my ukulele so I grabbed it and started singing. He woke up again and looked, all the creatures came out of there place and sang along with me. He looked at one that climbed onto his shoulder, so he flicked it off.

The creatures went back to their natural habitat. “Can I try it?” I had a humongous smile on my face! As I passed it over to him, he had an evil look on his face. As soon as he got it, he chucked it into the bonfire and went back to sleep. I looked and wiggled my  fingers while looking around, While Willie was sleeping in peace.

Written By: Sammy
Checked By: Lusia

Understanding Of Fractions - DLO

Friday, 8 July 2016

Matariki Art

For the past few days I have been working on this piece of art. This was quite fun to do, but also a bit hard. 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Gifts From God

Trip To The Cathedral

‘Hello’ I say to the people who walk past, waving at them with respect. A lot of people answered and some didn’t. It was very exciting because for some of us, it was our first time.

As we entered the Cathedral, we walked down the aisle and don't the sign of the cross with the holy water. The first thought that came to my mind was it was stunningly beautiful. Nicely designed and olden day style.

I had sit with Brianna because Langiola wanted to stay with Joshua because she was very sensitive. So Joshua and I swapped soul friends. Our school was sitting in the middle, so we were right in front of the altar.

Our father was a very generous man. He was also very kind, he told many things about the church. When mass had started, the little kids that was sitting near me were playing up. | had no choice but to grab them and growl them quietly.

When Mass had ended father gave us a tour in the church. He told us about the objects and old things that were in there. After he showed us a wonderful tour about the church, we were sent out to go and eat in the hall.

After eating, I was playing with my friends in the hall waiting for our bus to arrive so that we could leave. I was playing ‘Call of Duty’ along with Manu, Rosrine, and Caroline.

My favourite part in the Cathedral was when we got to experience different kind of new things.    

Friday, 24 June 2016

Storyboard: How Maui Slowed The Sun

How Maui Slowed The Sun!

Main Parts in the Story:
  • The sun was travelling way too fast across the sky, so Maui’s eldest brother was getting sick of it.

  • They had to do their stuff quickly because of the sun was too fast

  • Maui finally came up with a brilliant idea to use a jawbone.

What happened after?:

  • Later in the week, Maui and his brothers spent their time making a lot of ropes to get the sun to slow down.

  • Five days after, they had been doing the karakia said by Maui.
What Happened after all that?:
  • During dark night, Maui & his brothers traveled to East, which the sun had headed to first.

  • They collected water calabashes so that they could have a drink.
What Happened after?:

  • On the twelfth night, Maui arrived at the edge near a red hot pit on the ground.

  • In the pit there was the sun sleeping!

  • They had built 4 huts, a wall and also a shelter for them

  • Maui told his brothers to spread their ropes into a noose .
What did they do when they saw the sun in the pit?:

  • They were quiet and obviously worried they were also terrified about what might happen.

  • When Tamanuitera rises his head and shoulders  are in the noose, he will then call out ‘Pull tight on the ropes!’
  • Then Maui suddenly went near the hot burning sun he whacked the sun until the sun gave up.

  • After that disaster, the sun gave up and moved slowly through the sky.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Describing A Powhiri

Statement:Powhiri! Powhiri is such a wonderful thing to experience! Other cultures have welcoming ceremonies but in different kind of ways. Some people sing or something! Experiencing a maori powhiri is amazing!

What does a powhiri look like?:A Powhiri is not easy to tell what it looks like but I can tell you that visitors will gather up outside the Marae entrance. The powhiri has to be done by young woman from the Tangata Whenua. As we enter the Marae, the girls have to always be in the front while the boys/chiefs stay at the back.

What does it sound like?:It sounds loud, but probably when you are at the back it wouldn't be that loud because a large crowd is in front of you. I think that me standing in front was a bit louder!

What I felt about the Powhiri: The affection of being welcomed into a Marae is like being welcomed into a Maori family. It was kind of scary at first but during the Powhiri it was comforting.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Trip to Marae

As I walk into class I see my classmates putting Room.7’s lunches into a container. So I rushed and hung my bag to come to my friends. I asked them what they are doing and then they said just stuffing the lunches into the container for the Marae. They asked me to bring my lunch so then I asked Kalolaine to grab it.

Once that was over my class was called down to the mat. Mrs.Tui was talking about the trip. Our class had a little chat, Rosrine & I were together with Joshua talking.

Our teacher told us (Room 7) to go into the hall so we can get ready. As we got in the hall, we had to stay in there for a while, while the teachers were discussing something.

As they got back they told us that we have to be with our soul friends. Only some people had soul friends because Room 1 is such a tiny class!

Anyways, some of the parents were welcome to join. As we were leaving I had to grab Aniseko because of he didn't want to be with Anthony, so he came and held me & Joshua’s hand.

When we got out of school we had to make sure we looked neat & tidy. As we were walking, we spotted cracks in the concrete, it was like a pathway to an abandoned house!

When we got to our destination we had to sort out our lines. So the teachers put the girls in front and the boys in the back. The boys had to be in the back for a sign of respect.

As they opened the gates, we saw a lady standing near the Wharenui. She screamed her part and then Ana-Lei screamed her part. It was obvious that she was nervous, because she was rubbing her hands against her skirt.

When that had finished, we had to take off our shoes. It was a sign of respect to keep our shoes off before we enter Wharenui. In the Wharenui I had to sit at the back. The boys had to sit in the front row because half of that row were doing hongis.

I was sitting at the back along with Rosrine & Alecia. We had Rosrines soulfriend sit infront of us. When the hongis came up it was exciting! I saw my classmate was nervous to go up and do a hongi to all of the people that was standing infront.

After all of that, it was time to have our morning tea. It was in this massive container full of Room. 7's lunch. We had something to munch on and went and played for a little bit on the grass.  

After our play on the grass, the whole hall. In the hall they put Room 5 & Room 3 to the Wharenui to learn a song and Room 7, Room 4 & Room 1 was in the hall weaving a flower.

We all created beautiful flowers! After that we were sent to the Wharenui to learn a song. It was a body song, it was very fun to learn. But although it was hard to learn because he got faster and faster!  

After we learnt the song we went back to eat our lunch and then Room 7 took a class photo infront of the Wharenui. 

The bus for tech came a few moments after, so that meant that we had to hop on the bus and head to Selwyn College!

That was the funnest experience! The funnest part was when we got to learn a new song & to also make a beautiful flower!

Holy Spirit

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Writing (About Today) 04.06.16

Today I woke up to a freezing cold morning snuggled in my blankets. I saw my cousins and Aunty & uncle getting ready for something. So when my cousin came in I asked her, “Where are you guys going?” he said “I don’t know” so I just went back to sleep. I woke up again because of I heard footsteps…

The people that were going were Chanel, Robbie, Freddy, Wayne & Kayla. They were going because of Wayne had an interview for something. They were gone nearly the whole day but luckily we were staying with Leta (Wayne’s mum).

The whole day we just cleaned and at down doing nothing. When they came back the boys went out and cut the grass while I was in the room cleaning along with Kalo & Vivi.

After a while when we were done my mum came over to pick us up. She sat there talking with Kayla. She called us to come so that we can go but then she just kept talking and talking! So I just went into the room and started playing with the girls.

When we came home we decided to buy some pizza so my mum is going to go and buy some!

Samoan Language Week 2K16

Waking up at 5:55am getting reading for school along with my cousin Kalo. We woke up at that time because it was mass. I was involved in it, I was doing a reading (Prayers of the Faithful) & also the data projector. I was doing the data projector with Caroline. It was our first time so we were a bit nervous! Luckily Alecia was there to help us!

After Mass we went back into class. As I walked in I saw my classmates doing a Samoan dance. Mrs. Tui told us that we are doing a Samoan dance for our item. The girls and boys practised together at first and then the girls were put in Room. 6. Seuati was teaching the Samoan dance to the boys while Alecia was teaching the girls.

When the bell rang, we had 2 options it was to either go out to morning tea and eat or stay and practise. I chose to stay with Rosrine learning the Samoan dance because we had no idea how to do it!

The boys were standing out the window watching us. All the girls started feeling uncomfortable so Alecia put down the blinds.

When we finished practise, we had to go back to class. We were doing this thing where we are put into groups and to write something about changing. I was with Patrick, Anthony, Joshua & JT. We kept mucking up so we had to keep sitting down and figuring out what to write. The 2nd time we went up Mrs. Tui told us to go with Deja outside.

After all that we had a feed. It  was made by Malia’s Mum, she made sapasui, talo. Kapa pulu & lou. When it was time for the dance we rushed into the hall because we were too excited!

When we went in we sat in our positions. It sucked because half of the class (Including me) thought that the whole school was going to watch and perform, but instead only Room 4 turned up.

When we performed Rosrine & I were mucking up, but it was alright because of only 1 class showed up! We laughed throughout the whole thing!

After that we went out for a game of Dodgeball! It was so much fun and also exhausting!

I thought that was the best day ever! Bonding with our classmates & having a lot of fun!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Roadshow (Tamaki College)

As I entered the school gates, I saw my class in the hall. So when I went in I saw a coach and my class, I finally clicked and knew that it was Ripper Rugby! So as I walked in Mrs. Tui told me to go and hang my bag. So I went with 2 of my classmates that came late with me.
As I entered the hall I went and sat down with my mates. I had to go and get me a belt but I could not find one  so Caroline gave one.
I had to go on but there was no point of me going on because I do nothing. I was in the yellow team with the rest of the boys.
After Ripper Rugby we stayed under the shelter while Mrs. Tui’s was sorting out the groups to go to Tamaki. I was with Caroline, Stanley, Alecia & Malia.
On our way there we made a little stop to Malia’s house to give her sister money. When we left to Tamaki me and Stanley were talking.
When we arrived at our destination, we saw Room 5 & Room 7 standing in 2 lines waiting for a sign that we could enter the auditorium.
Mrs. Middleton told us to walk quietly, she also guided us to there. As we reached the auditorium we were standing there waiting in 2 straight lines.
A while later we could enter the auditorium. As I was walking I got stopped by my teacher (Mrs. Tui) because someone (Not going to mention) told Mrs. Tui that I pushed him & that I hurt his knee. I knew it wasn't true because people from the back were pushing me.
So after the disaster I entered the auditorium, I saw the exhibition and people standing at the back of a desk. I had to go sit on the left side because there was no more space.
After all the talking and stuff we had to go and look around. The first thing I went to was Body Parts along with Caroline. Antonio (Explainer) helped us.
After that we found a card which told us all the things which we have to go and find out. I got 2 which I learnt, it was 'Centre of Mass' & 'Changing Pendulum'.
After all of our fun experience at the Science Road show we had to go. At first Room 5 had to leave first then Room 7. All of Room 7's rides came quick except for my group! We stood under the shelter freezing like crazy!
Finally our ride came! We all ran into the car and shut the door. Lucky for us the heater was on. When we went school I ran into class it was so warm but at the same time I was hungry!
That was the best Road show that I have seen so far! I wish to go there again...

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Technology 2016 (Wood Tech)

I really enjoyed going to technology because I explored and learnt a lot of new things such as a cope saw & many more other things. Our teacher we had for wood was Mr. Winter. He is a very respectful and trustworthy man. He has taught us a million things about wood tech although at points I was naughty & points I was excellent.
I really am grateful for what Mr. Winter has done for us. He has shown us how to carve & be creative. I really like going tech every Tuesday because their I will learn a lot of good things!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

My Holidays!

Goal: Correct sentence punctuation AND correct use of other, punctuation, (contractions, commas, in lists) with experimentation in, and complex sentence.

My Holidays!
Isn’t going to the pools fun, but except on a rainy day were only the indoor pools are open, not outdoor pools!
I was not in luck or maybe I should say my whole family was not in luck! We imagined it to be a nice hot burning day full of kids & water splashing around, but instead we got a day full of rain, less kids & hardly water splashing around.
We couldn’t be ungrateful so we had to make the most of it.

It was so cold during my sleep so I put all the blankets on me. During that awful sleep my mum woke me up she said, “Sammy, Hurry up because we need to go!” So my eyes was slightly opening but I knew we had to hurry up because we needed to buy snacks & pick up the kids from Otara.

So I got out of bed grabbed my towel and rushed to the bathroom. I done all my business in the bathroom so I got out and picked out some clothes to go with. I quickly got ready then out the door I go.

On our way to Otara we stopped by Pakn’ Save to buy some snacks. We got all the stuff that all the girls liked and some of the boys. After Pakn’ save we went shooting off to Otara.

All the boys were ready o my mum and Kayla swapped cars. We had the van and Kayla had our car. While we were in the van driving to YMCA Pools we were shouting and talking so then my mum said that whoever talks will stay out of the pools for 5 minutes with her.
So when we arrived at the pools my mum and Genevieve told us to say in the car so they can go check if it was open. Once they came back to us Genevieve was laughing because they planned to prank us. When Genevieve came into the car she said to us, “Hahahaha we botz d it, its closed hahahahaha!” Everyone was throwing a tantrum until my mum came in the car and said, “Hurry up, everyone get out of the car if you want to swim!” So we all rushed out of the car and grabbed the stuff from the boot. When we got in the entrance the lady that was serving us was surprised, because she thought that it was only my mum and Genevieve swimming.

We asked the lady if the outdoor pool was open but she said, “No sorry.” We were okay with it. So anyways, we jumped in the pool, the thing was that there was less people. It kept going less, less, less & more less!

A few hours after that we were feeling hungry.The thing was that if we went out of the pool we have to go shower, get changed & sit with my mum until the hours are done. So we were moaning until my mum said, “ okay then, you guys can just rinse yourself then come eat for a little bit.

After minutes of eating, we had to go rinse ourselves again. We hopped in the pool, next thing you know there was water splashing everywhere! I hated it, because my brothers kept ganging up on me and Kalo! So I suddenly used my brain and went to hide in the corner with a paddleboard in my hands, covering my face. Too bad for Kalo because she was getting splashed on her face!

After another hour we were getting tired so we asked Fredrick if we could get out of the pool to go home. He was saying, “NO!,NO!,NO!” so we all sighed. Next thing you know, my cousin told me to go to the deep pool.
So when we went to the deep pool, my cousin wanted a glide challenge who can go the forest. You probably know who won! (It was my cousin!)

So anyways, after that Fredrick decieded to leave. So we hopped out of the pool and first we rinsed ourselves. We walked to the showers, so the boys in one group and the girls in one group!

We had to try and have a guick shower so we can go and eat somewhere... Once we finished showers we got changed and went out. My mum & Genevieve decieded to eat somewhere so someone from the boys shouted out, "ON THE MOUNTAIN!". We obviusly agreed with them. So my mum drove up.

On our way up the mountain it was kind of scary because a quarter of us in the car were afraid of heights!When we reached the top we took out our speaker and started blasting music. 

We decieded to take photos on the top of the mountain. We wanted to send it to Robertanna because she was on her Europe Tour! Anyways, when we walking up the mountain some of them slipped and fell! We couldn't stop laughing! 

Anyways after all that fun we headed home, but before home we went to McDonalds to buy us some smoothies & Ice Cream! We gave a lot of kisses and hugs for my mum for taking us out!

That was probably the best day ever, spending time with the family!! I wish to do that again...

Friday, 6 May 2016

Mothers Day Letter!

Mothers are the most specialist people on earth. They sacrifice everything for you! They also have the most passionate hearts!

My astonishing mother's name is Alisi Telefoni. She has the most kindest heart any mother could have. She is a lady that has a humble heart. She is the most grateful mother anyone could ever have in the world. She has 2 Siblings, Ana Telefoni & Mikaela Moa, but sadly Ana Telefoni has left the earth to go to heaven to Rest in Peace. So my mum is left with one breathtaking sister. My mum divorced when I was 7 years old, she is the lady that doesn't need a man to make her feel  good because she has her family by her side forever. I forgot to tell you her parents names it is, Kalolaine Aline Telefoni & Viliami Tesmale Telefoni. I have never met my pa but I know and heard a lot of amazing things about him, and there is left with nena who I grew up with and sadly left the earth to heaven on 22nd May 2014.  Back with my mum, she is everything to me, there is never a time where I can get her off my mind. She is up at 3:00 making money for us. She is such a hard working mum!She has long black hair, she smells like a rare rose, she is around 6 foot, has big brown eyes and a tongan descent. She is the ultimate warrior and I can’t forget to tell you that she is so over protective! She is the most funniest person on earth, whenever I try and hold a grudge to her she always has to make me laugh. She drives me nuts, and sometimes it goes over the limits and I feel like I wanna run away from home, but I have to always remember that how much she is sacrificing for Viliami and I. My mum is my one and only appealing angel. I appreciate everything she has done. I have been doing some really dumb things in the past, that even I can't even forgive myself for! My mum is strong enough to forgive me… No one in the world will ever replace her! I don't care if she is a unicorn, dog, horse, cow or vampire she is still my mother! My love for her is so unconditional! She has supported me since day 1 until now! The reason I believe, “Love at First Sight” because the 1st day my eyes opened I fell in love with her!

She is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Love you mum!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best Writing 2016 (Recount)

Best Piece of Writing!!!(Term 1 2016)

Having a soul friend is like having a younger sister.  At. St. Pius X
School we have Soul Friend Day on the feast of St. Patricks. We have a whole school mass and the priest blessed our soul friend promise.

My soul friend's name is Langiola. She is a Tongan girl with 3 siblings  at our school. She is about 5 years old. My soul friend is very quiet, shy and lovable.

We have a soul friend because  we need to support the younger students. They can come to us when they need us at times. We help them to read and we also want to be good role models to them. We want to help them to grow up and be successful in their learning.

With my soul friend I do  “Buddy Reading” with her . She is a very talented at reading. Whenever I see her she always has  to come up and squeeze me nd her exact words are, “HI SAMMY!” I always smile at her. We also made a promise to them that we will share everything with them. We also had shared lunch. I bought a packet of biscuits.
I look forward to looking after Langiola and support her during the year.  

I like this piece of writing because I have used paragraphs and punctuation. I also like my vocabulary and how I used it.

I like this piece of writing because I used a complex sentence.              

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend

Having a soul friend is like having a younger sister. At. St. Pius X School we have Soul Friend Day on the feast of St. Patricks. We have a whole school mass and the priest blessed our soul friend promise.

My soul friend's name is Langiola. She is a Tongan girl with 3 siblings at our school. She is about 5 years old. My soul friend is very quiet, shy and loveable.

We have a soul friend because we need to support the younger students. They can come to us when they need us at times. We help them to read and we also want to be good role models to them. We want to help them to grow up and be successful in their learning.

With my soul friend I do “Buddy Reading” with her . She is a very talented at reading. Whenever I see her she always has  to come up and squeeze me nd her exact words are, “HI SAMMY!” I always smile at her. We also made a promise to them that we will share everything with them. We also had shared lunch. I bought a packet of biscuits.
I look forward to looking after Langiola and support her during the year. We might do another shared morning tea but will be ten times better than today.