Friday, 27 September 2013


On a rainy day Room 5 had swimming! The first thing we had to do is get change into our swimming gear.

In the pool we met a lady called Gillian. She was the lady that taught us how to swim. I had to go last because at that time I did not know how to swim. After a while we had free-time. I was learning how to swim. We had one more minute left so I swam back and forth. Then we had finished so I swam back to the stairs and climbed out to get my towel. All the girls had to get their uniforms. We all were soaking wet. We combed our hair to make it untangled. We had little lunch and I ate small to save some for big lunch.

Finally we were all dried up. Then we went back to class to learn more school work.
When It was home-time happened I went home and lay down watching television. I fell dead asleep. When it came to dinner, my aunty and my mother were asking me some questions about the swimming.

By Samantha

Saint Pius X Feast Day

In church we celebrated the feast day of St Pius. Father told us a story about Jimmy and Jesus it was so funny I wanted to laugh my head off.

After that we went to the hall to get our cake from the year 8’s. The flavour of the cake was the banana my favourite.

A visitor came to our school her name is Linda the instrument she played was a euphonium but before all of that she told us about herself. She told us she was the first Tongan female to play the euphonium.

In the tennis courts we had basketball. Before we did all of that we got sorted out to our groups. Mrs Tui all the Keas to go to their house leaders.

Then all the Kiwis had to go to their house leaders.

Some people slipped while they were playing Basketball.

That was the best day of my life. I am looking forward to doing it again.
The cake was my favourite cake. I loved the celebration. It was so much fun!!!!!!


By: Samantha

Fredrick's Birthday

After school we went home and had a little rest until the birthday had started because the birthday boy was gone. While he was gone the kids were blowing up the balloons and decorating the house.

A while later the birthday boy was here. He brought lollies home and started to play with them.  

My mum wrapped a present for Fredrick. It was Nike shoes but my mum said “Don’t tell him!” I replied “OK!” She told me to “Go and guard the house and if he comes then tell him to go inside.”  “Ok” I said. A while later……… He came! And I had to go and distract him and say “Go inside and play with Peti and Kalo.” So he went off.

Finally we sang the birthday song while Ella brings the cake and my mum got the present. After that we had dinner. They were serving us Chicken, salad and sausages. Next we had our yummy desert which was Ice-cream and the yummy cake.

A while later we played with the balloons. Jelsma chucked a pink balloon on my face. I said “Ha ha very funny I will get you back very soon.”

I quickly chucked a blue balloon on his face. Fredrick was busy watching his favourite singer MattyB.

It was the best birthday of my life.

 By: Samantha

Cross Country

On a spicy hot day the whole school had cross country. It was at 1:30 to 3:00 pm. We had it on the field and the seniors had it out of school.  First up was the seniors then it was us. I was so nervous because it was from the fives, sixes, sevens and then us. Mrs Pole told us to jog on the first part.

When it had finished Mr Coackley said “I will hand out the sports award on Friday. We went to class to get our shoes and socks with our bags.

My aunty Kayla was asking how cross country was. When we went home my aunty cooked us some yummy dinner. First we had to go and have a shower. My mum was still at work while we were eating our yummy dinner. My aunty told us to go to our house  to get our towels and clothes.

We went to sleep with Genevieve and Sione To ’a . It was so warm. I tried to stay up but my aunty said “don’t worry go to sleep”.

Then the next day we were all ready to go to school!

By: Samantha    


On a rainy day Room 5 had Badminton. First we had to get our gear ready. We met a guy named Robbie. He said to everyone “Good afternoon I am Robbie” Mr Gaffney told us to say “Good afternoon.” So we did.
We used shuttlecocks and rackets. He told everyone to go into one line to get a racket and a shuttlecock. I was last because I told the people at the back to go in front of me. Then he told everyone to space out because someone might get hit with the rackets.
We were using the back hand grip. Mr Gaffney told me “Stretch your arm so it will be much easier.” So I tried it and it worked. He said “You are doing well keep it up.” I hit him with the racket and I said. “So sorry”
Robbie called us to “come and sit down.” He told us to partner up. I went with Pio because nobody picked him.

He was first to serve. It was so funny because when Pio served he missed it. Then it was my turn and I did a perfect serve because it flew into the air and hit his head. We were laughing like there was no tomorrow.

When our lesson was finished Robbie said “Now we are going to use nets.” Then we had to go in two lines so we could go back to class so we can eat our yummy lunches.”
By Sammy   

All About Me

Hello, my name is Samantha. I am 8 years old. I go to Saint Pius X Catholic School. I was born on 31st August 2004. I live with a big family. Some people are  living in Tonga and some are living in Pakistan. The saddest part of it all is some people died when I was still a little baby.

I love to play with my friends. I love cooking with my mum, and I love spending time with my family, going to the cemetery and I also love going swimming.

I do not like it when spiders crawl around! I do not like it when people bug me, I do not like loud music, sitting and doing nothing, I mostly hate snails and slugs.

My favourite teacher is Mr Gaffney because he is funny and he teaches me a lot.