Friday, 27 September 2013

Fredrick's Birthday

After school we went home and had a little rest until the birthday had started because the birthday boy was gone. While he was gone the kids were blowing up the balloons and decorating the house.

A while later the birthday boy was here. He brought lollies home and started to play with them.  

My mum wrapped a present for Fredrick. It was Nike shoes but my mum said “Don’t tell him!” I replied “OK!” She told me to “Go and guard the house and if he comes then tell him to go inside.”  “Ok” I said. A while later……… He came! And I had to go and distract him and say “Go inside and play with Peti and Kalo.” So he went off.

Finally we sang the birthday song while Ella brings the cake and my mum got the present. After that we had dinner. They were serving us Chicken, salad and sausages. Next we had our yummy desert which was Ice-cream and the yummy cake.

A while later we played with the balloons. Jelsma chucked a pink balloon on my face. I said “Ha ha very funny I will get you back very soon.”

I quickly chucked a blue balloon on his face. Fredrick was busy watching his favourite singer MattyB.

It was the best birthday of my life.

 By: Samantha

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