Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend

Having a soul friend is like having a younger sister. At. St. Pius X School we have Soul Friend Day on the feast of St. Patricks. We have a whole school mass and the priest blessed our soul friend promise.

My soul friend's name is Langiola. She is a Tongan girl with 3 siblings at our school. She is about 5 years old. My soul friend is very quiet, shy and loveable.

We have a soul friend because we need to support the younger students. They can come to us when they need us at times. We help them to read and we also want to be good role models to them. We want to help them to grow up and be successful in their learning.

With my soul friend I do “Buddy Reading” with her . She is a very talented at reading. Whenever I see her she always has  to come up and squeeze me nd her exact words are, “HI SAMMY!” I always smile at her. We also made a promise to them that we will share everything with them. We also had shared lunch. I bought a packet of biscuits.
I look forward to looking after Langiola and support her during the year. We might do another shared morning tea but will be ten times better than today.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Jesus Is Tested In the Wilderness

My Home

As you can see there is a photo called "My Home". I loved doing this project! In this picture it shows you why I call these places home. I hope you enjoy reading this and feel free to comment below :)

My Questionnaire

About 2 or 3 weeks before Mrs. Tui has told us to make a questionnaire. In this photo it shows what I like, Dislike, 5 things I want to learn & What helps me to learn. I really enjoyed making this all though I went through a lot of Google Drawings, finally I made one and I agreed with it. :)

A Secret About The Brain

The chapter I read was about a monster named, Mojo loved Maths. Till one day his math problems were getting to hard for him so he gave up. So he decided to pack up his stuff and leave. When he was walking he saw his friend, Katie. She was telling him to don’t give up, but Mojo refused and said he has no choice. So then Katie was telling him that everybody is smart, it’s just have to work at it. She also told him that neuro scientist studied the brain for years and found that your brain is like a muscle. It’s like when you are doing something hard then you are challenging your brain.

I think this chapter is about to never give up, and keep trying even though it is hard!