Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Learn: To organise my writing into paragraphs in which the ideas are clearly related and linking into paragraphs.

“Did you see that sir?! I’m a legend!” I shouted. I challenged myself by telling all the girls lined up that I will close my eyes, and catch the ball with one hand! I know right, I’ll never get that. I knew I would never get it, I couldn’t stand a chance. My heart was beating, it was beating so loud you could hear it! I didn’t want to humiliate myself. Oh well, I’ll be known as the cocky girl who can’t do anything right.
I closed my eyes with fear, my heart was pounding and pounding knowing how fast that damn machine chucks out its balls. The ball was firing out of the launcher, I opened my hand and the ball came and landed right into my palm. “WOAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” all the girls shouted .

I opened one of my eyes, and what do you know? The ball was right in my hands! I was bragging through the whole session! I told our instructor I am the first ever person on this earth that has caught a ball with my eyes closed! Too bad, he told me I wasn't actually the first person, still though I was the happiest person alive!! So thank you, Coach Campbell.

Holy Spirit in Scriptures .

I can identify people from the Old and New Testament.