Friday, 26 September 2014

Love Sweet Love

  Kio ora, Talofa Lava,Malo Lelei and welcome to you all my name is Sammy and today I’m going to be talking about when love goes bad but how you should never give up on love. Love can sometimes cause trouble .The trouble could be a break-up with your fiance or husband and it can really break your heart and it will be really sore. If you really loved him and he went to someone else you will be really upset and you will never forget the day that happened. The reason why I am talking about this is because I have seen it before in life it happened right in my face. I really wanted to do something about it but I couldn’t. I wish I could do something about it but I couldn’t because I kept on crying. I don’t want to say the names because they are from my family and I don’t want to say it because I will feel bad. Love can be dangerous not dangerous but someone can trick you and you really love them. They might put you in a trap and do something bad with you. Love can be sweet but dangerous so you should always be careful and be prepared. Love happens when you meet someone and you are really attracted to him, or if you guys do face to face and talk about what you like. The perfect match will be if you guys have a lot in common or if it is true love. The best thing to do is smile. Then you guys will become really best friends and become sweet couples. After you guys will live happily ever after. Sometimes you can pick the wrong guy and he is not your type too and when it comes to the next one you pick I promise you he will be a perfect match for you! If I am wrong then I will give you all my money that I have in the future… Maybe . You can always make big mistakes with your husband but you can come back together slowly or maybe not. Maybe you could find another man if you guys don’t get along. You can always get another man because all the men are free! Love is Romantic so romantic that you will never forget that love is always in your heart and I promise you that you will never forget the word LOVE! Thank you for spending your time listening to my speech.