Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best Writing 2016 (Recount)

Best Piece of Writing!!!(Term 1 2016)

Having a soul friend is like having a younger sister.  At. St. Pius X
School we have Soul Friend Day on the feast of St. Patricks. We have a whole school mass and the priest blessed our soul friend promise.

My soul friend's name is Langiola. She is a Tongan girl with 3 siblings  at our school. She is about 5 years old. My soul friend is very quiet, shy and lovable.

We have a soul friend because  we need to support the younger students. They can come to us when they need us at times. We help them to read and we also want to be good role models to them. We want to help them to grow up and be successful in their learning.

With my soul friend I do  “Buddy Reading” with her . She is a very talented at reading. Whenever I see her she always has  to come up and squeeze me nd her exact words are, “HI SAMMY!” I always smile at her. We also made a promise to them that we will share everything with them. We also had shared lunch. I bought a packet of biscuits.
I look forward to looking after Langiola and support her during the year.  

I like this piece of writing because I have used paragraphs and punctuation. I also like my vocabulary and how I used it.

I like this piece of writing because I used a complex sentence.