Friday, 24 June 2016

Storyboard: How Maui Slowed The Sun

How Maui Slowed The Sun!

Main Parts in the Story:
  • The sun was travelling way too fast across the sky, so Maui’s eldest brother was getting sick of it.

  • They had to do their stuff quickly because of the sun was too fast

  • Maui finally came up with a brilliant idea to use a jawbone.

What happened after?:

  • Later in the week, Maui and his brothers spent their time making a lot of ropes to get the sun to slow down.

  • Five days after, they had been doing the karakia said by Maui.
What Happened after all that?:
  • During dark night, Maui & his brothers traveled to East, which the sun had headed to first.

  • They collected water calabashes so that they could have a drink.
What Happened after?:

  • On the twelfth night, Maui arrived at the edge near a red hot pit on the ground.

  • In the pit there was the sun sleeping!

  • They had built 4 huts, a wall and also a shelter for them

  • Maui told his brothers to spread their ropes into a noose .
What did they do when they saw the sun in the pit?:

  • They were quiet and obviously worried they were also terrified about what might happen.

  • When Tamanuitera rises his head and shoulders  are in the noose, he will then call out ‘Pull tight on the ropes!’
  • Then Maui suddenly went near the hot burning sun he whacked the sun until the sun gave up.

  • After that disaster, the sun gave up and moved slowly through the sky.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Describing A Powhiri

Statement:Powhiri! Powhiri is such a wonderful thing to experience! Other cultures have welcoming ceremonies but in different kind of ways. Some people sing or something! Experiencing a maori powhiri is amazing!

What does a powhiri look like?:A Powhiri is not easy to tell what it looks like but I can tell you that visitors will gather up outside the Marae entrance. The powhiri has to be done by young woman from the Tangata Whenua. As we enter the Marae, the girls have to always be in the front while the boys/chiefs stay at the back.

What does it sound like?:It sounds loud, but probably when you are at the back it wouldn't be that loud because a large crowd is in front of you. I think that me standing in front was a bit louder!

What I felt about the Powhiri: The affection of being welcomed into a Marae is like being welcomed into a Maori family. It was kind of scary at first but during the Powhiri it was comforting.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Trip to Marae

As I walk into class I see my classmates putting Room.7’s lunches into a container. So I rushed and hung my bag to come to my friends. I asked them what they are doing and then they said just stuffing the lunches into the container for the Marae. They asked me to bring my lunch so then I asked Kalolaine to grab it.

Once that was over my class was called down to the mat. Mrs.Tui was talking about the trip. Our class had a little chat, Rosrine & I were together with Joshua talking.

Our teacher told us (Room 7) to go into the hall so we can get ready. As we got in the hall, we had to stay in there for a while, while the teachers were discussing something.

As they got back they told us that we have to be with our soul friends. Only some people had soul friends because Room 1 is such a tiny class!

Anyways, some of the parents were welcome to join. As we were leaving I had to grab Aniseko because of he didn't want to be with Anthony, so he came and held me & Joshua’s hand.

When we got out of school we had to make sure we looked neat & tidy. As we were walking, we spotted cracks in the concrete, it was like a pathway to an abandoned house!

When we got to our destination we had to sort out our lines. So the teachers put the girls in front and the boys in the back. The boys had to be in the back for a sign of respect.

As they opened the gates, we saw a lady standing near the Wharenui. She screamed her part and then Ana-Lei screamed her part. It was obvious that she was nervous, because she was rubbing her hands against her skirt.

When that had finished, we had to take off our shoes. It was a sign of respect to keep our shoes off before we enter Wharenui. In the Wharenui I had to sit at the back. The boys had to sit in the front row because half of that row were doing hongis.

I was sitting at the back along with Rosrine & Alecia. We had Rosrines soulfriend sit infront of us. When the hongis came up it was exciting! I saw my classmate was nervous to go up and do a hongi to all of the people that was standing infront.

After all of that, it was time to have our morning tea. It was in this massive container full of Room. 7's lunch. We had something to munch on and went and played for a little bit on the grass.  

After our play on the grass, the whole hall. In the hall they put Room 5 & Room 3 to the Wharenui to learn a song and Room 7, Room 4 & Room 1 was in the hall weaving a flower.

We all created beautiful flowers! After that we were sent to the Wharenui to learn a song. It was a body song, it was very fun to learn. But although it was hard to learn because he got faster and faster!  

After we learnt the song we went back to eat our lunch and then Room 7 took a class photo infront of the Wharenui. 

The bus for tech came a few moments after, so that meant that we had to hop on the bus and head to Selwyn College!

That was the funnest experience! The funnest part was when we got to learn a new song & to also make a beautiful flower!

Holy Spirit

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Writing (About Today) 04.06.16

Today I woke up to a freezing cold morning snuggled in my blankets. I saw my cousins and Aunty & uncle getting ready for something. So when my cousin came in I asked her, “Where are you guys going?” he said “I don’t know” so I just went back to sleep. I woke up again because of I heard footsteps…

The people that were going were Chanel, Robbie, Freddy, Wayne & Kayla. They were going because of Wayne had an interview for something. They were gone nearly the whole day but luckily we were staying with Leta (Wayne’s mum).

The whole day we just cleaned and at down doing nothing. When they came back the boys went out and cut the grass while I was in the room cleaning along with Kalo & Vivi.

After a while when we were done my mum came over to pick us up. She sat there talking with Kayla. She called us to come so that we can go but then she just kept talking and talking! So I just went into the room and started playing with the girls.

When we came home we decided to buy some pizza so my mum is going to go and buy some!

Samoan Language Week 2K16

Waking up at 5:55am getting reading for school along with my cousin Kalo. We woke up at that time because it was mass. I was involved in it, I was doing a reading (Prayers of the Faithful) & also the data projector. I was doing the data projector with Caroline. It was our first time so we were a bit nervous! Luckily Alecia was there to help us!

After Mass we went back into class. As I walked in I saw my classmates doing a Samoan dance. Mrs. Tui told us that we are doing a Samoan dance for our item. The girls and boys practised together at first and then the girls were put in Room. 6. Seuati was teaching the Samoan dance to the boys while Alecia was teaching the girls.

When the bell rang, we had 2 options it was to either go out to morning tea and eat or stay and practise. I chose to stay with Rosrine learning the Samoan dance because we had no idea how to do it!

The boys were standing out the window watching us. All the girls started feeling uncomfortable so Alecia put down the blinds.

When we finished practise, we had to go back to class. We were doing this thing where we are put into groups and to write something about changing. I was with Patrick, Anthony, Joshua & JT. We kept mucking up so we had to keep sitting down and figuring out what to write. The 2nd time we went up Mrs. Tui told us to go with Deja outside.

After all that we had a feed. It  was made by Malia’s Mum, she made sapasui, talo. Kapa pulu & lou. When it was time for the dance we rushed into the hall because we were too excited!

When we went in we sat in our positions. It sucked because half of the class (Including me) thought that the whole school was going to watch and perform, but instead only Room 4 turned up.

When we performed Rosrine & I were mucking up, but it was alright because of only 1 class showed up! We laughed throughout the whole thing!

After that we went out for a game of Dodgeball! It was so much fun and also exhausting!

I thought that was the best day ever! Bonding with our classmates & having a lot of fun!