Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Describing A Powhiri

Statement:Powhiri! Powhiri is such a wonderful thing to experience! Other cultures have welcoming ceremonies but in different kind of ways. Some people sing or something! Experiencing a maori powhiri is amazing!

What does a powhiri look like?:A Powhiri is not easy to tell what it looks like but I can tell you that visitors will gather up outside the Marae entrance. The powhiri has to be done by young woman from the Tangata Whenua. As we enter the Marae, the girls have to always be in the front while the boys/chiefs stay at the back.

What does it sound like?:It sounds loud, but probably when you are at the back it wouldn't be that loud because a large crowd is in front of you. I think that me standing in front was a bit louder!

What I felt about the Powhiri: The affection of being welcomed into a Marae is like being welcomed into a Maori family. It was kind of scary at first but during the Powhiri it was comforting.

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