Friday, 17 June 2016

Trip to Marae

As I walk into class I see my classmates putting Room.7’s lunches into a container. So I rushed and hung my bag to come to my friends. I asked them what they are doing and then they said just stuffing the lunches into the container for the Marae. They asked me to bring my lunch so then I asked Kalolaine to grab it.

Once that was over my class was called down to the mat. Mrs.Tui was talking about the trip. Our class had a little chat, Rosrine & I were together with Joshua talking.

Our teacher told us (Room 7) to go into the hall so we can get ready. As we got in the hall, we had to stay in there for a while, while the teachers were discussing something.

As they got back they told us that we have to be with our soul friends. Only some people had soul friends because Room 1 is such a tiny class!

Anyways, some of the parents were welcome to join. As we were leaving I had to grab Aniseko because of he didn't want to be with Anthony, so he came and held me & Joshua’s hand.

When we got out of school we had to make sure we looked neat & tidy. As we were walking, we spotted cracks in the concrete, it was like a pathway to an abandoned house!

When we got to our destination we had to sort out our lines. So the teachers put the girls in front and the boys in the back. The boys had to be in the back for a sign of respect.

As they opened the gates, we saw a lady standing near the Wharenui. She screamed her part and then Ana-Lei screamed her part. It was obvious that she was nervous, because she was rubbing her hands against her skirt.

When that had finished, we had to take off our shoes. It was a sign of respect to keep our shoes off before we enter Wharenui. In the Wharenui I had to sit at the back. The boys had to sit in the front row because half of that row were doing hongis.

I was sitting at the back along with Rosrine & Alecia. We had Rosrines soulfriend sit infront of us. When the hongis came up it was exciting! I saw my classmate was nervous to go up and do a hongi to all of the people that was standing infront.

After all of that, it was time to have our morning tea. It was in this massive container full of Room. 7's lunch. We had something to munch on and went and played for a little bit on the grass.  

After our play on the grass, the whole hall. In the hall they put Room 5 & Room 3 to the Wharenui to learn a song and Room 7, Room 4 & Room 1 was in the hall weaving a flower.

We all created beautiful flowers! After that we were sent to the Wharenui to learn a song. It was a body song, it was very fun to learn. But although it was hard to learn because he got faster and faster!  

After we learnt the song we went back to eat our lunch and then Room 7 took a class photo infront of the Wharenui. 

The bus for tech came a few moments after, so that meant that we had to hop on the bus and head to Selwyn College!

That was the funnest experience! The funnest part was when we got to learn a new song & to also make a beautiful flower!

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