Friday, 24 June 2016

Storyboard: How Maui Slowed The Sun

How Maui Slowed The Sun!

Main Parts in the Story:
  • The sun was travelling way too fast across the sky, so Maui’s eldest brother was getting sick of it.

  • They had to do their stuff quickly because of the sun was too fast

  • Maui finally came up with a brilliant idea to use a jawbone.

What happened after?:

  • Later in the week, Maui and his brothers spent their time making a lot of ropes to get the sun to slow down.

  • Five days after, they had been doing the karakia said by Maui.
What Happened after all that?:
  • During dark night, Maui & his brothers traveled to East, which the sun had headed to first.

  • They collected water calabashes so that they could have a drink.
What Happened after?:

  • On the twelfth night, Maui arrived at the edge near a red hot pit on the ground.

  • In the pit there was the sun sleeping!

  • They had built 4 huts, a wall and also a shelter for them

  • Maui told his brothers to spread their ropes into a noose .
What did they do when they saw the sun in the pit?:

  • They were quiet and obviously worried they were also terrified about what might happen.

  • When Tamanuitera rises his head and shoulders  are in the noose, he will then call out ‘Pull tight on the ropes!’
  • Then Maui suddenly went near the hot burning sun he whacked the sun until the sun gave up.

  • After that disaster, the sun gave up and moved slowly through the sky.


  1. Hi Sammy
    It's me your friend amazing work I like the you wrote down the main idea's about the story you wrote.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Sammy
    Nice work, I like the way you put in the main Ideas of the story so that people know what the story is about. Great work.

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