Saturday, 4 June 2016

Writing (About Today) 04.06.16

Today I woke up to a freezing cold morning snuggled in my blankets. I saw my cousins and Aunty & uncle getting ready for something. So when my cousin came in I asked her, “Where are you guys going?” he said “I don’t know” so I just went back to sleep. I woke up again because of I heard footsteps…

The people that were going were Chanel, Robbie, Freddy, Wayne & Kayla. They were going because of Wayne had an interview for something. They were gone nearly the whole day but luckily we were staying with Leta (Wayne’s mum).

The whole day we just cleaned and at down doing nothing. When they came back the boys went out and cut the grass while I was in the room cleaning along with Kalo & Vivi.

After a while when we were done my mum came over to pick us up. She sat there talking with Kayla. She called us to come so that we can go but then she just kept talking and talking! So I just went into the room and started playing with the girls.

When we came home we decided to buy some pizza so my mum is going to go and buy some!

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