Saturday, 4 June 2016

Samoan Language Week 2K16

Waking up at 5:55am getting reading for school along with my cousin Kalo. We woke up at that time because it was mass. I was involved in it, I was doing a reading (Prayers of the Faithful) & also the data projector. I was doing the data projector with Caroline. It was our first time so we were a bit nervous! Luckily Alecia was there to help us!

After Mass we went back into class. As I walked in I saw my classmates doing a Samoan dance. Mrs. Tui told us that we are doing a Samoan dance for our item. The girls and boys practised together at first and then the girls were put in Room. 6. Seuati was teaching the Samoan dance to the boys while Alecia was teaching the girls.

When the bell rang, we had 2 options it was to either go out to morning tea and eat or stay and practise. I chose to stay with Rosrine learning the Samoan dance because we had no idea how to do it!

The boys were standing out the window watching us. All the girls started feeling uncomfortable so Alecia put down the blinds.

When we finished practise, we had to go back to class. We were doing this thing where we are put into groups and to write something about changing. I was with Patrick, Anthony, Joshua & JT. We kept mucking up so we had to keep sitting down and figuring out what to write. The 2nd time we went up Mrs. Tui told us to go with Deja outside.

After all that we had a feed. It  was made by Malia’s Mum, she made sapasui, talo. Kapa pulu & lou. When it was time for the dance we rushed into the hall because we were too excited!

When we went in we sat in our positions. It sucked because half of the class (Including me) thought that the whole school was going to watch and perform, but instead only Room 4 turned up.

When we performed Rosrine & I were mucking up, but it was alright because of only 1 class showed up! We laughed throughout the whole thing!

After that we went out for a game of Dodgeball! It was so much fun and also exhausting!

I thought that was the best day ever! Bonding with our classmates & having a lot of fun!

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