Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Roadshow (Tamaki College)

As I entered the school gates, I saw my class in the hall. So when I went in I saw a coach and my class, I finally clicked and knew that it was Ripper Rugby! So as I walked in Mrs. Tui told me to go and hang my bag. So I went with 2 of my classmates that came late with me.
As I entered the hall I went and sat down with my mates. I had to go and get me a belt but I could not find one  so Caroline gave one.
I had to go on but there was no point of me going on because I do nothing. I was in the yellow team with the rest of the boys.
After Ripper Rugby we stayed under the shelter while Mrs. Tui’s was sorting out the groups to go to Tamaki. I was with Caroline, Stanley, Alecia & Malia.
On our way there we made a little stop to Malia’s house to give her sister money. When we left to Tamaki me and Stanley were talking.
When we arrived at our destination, we saw Room 5 & Room 7 standing in 2 lines waiting for a sign that we could enter the auditorium.
Mrs. Middleton told us to walk quietly, she also guided us to there. As we reached the auditorium we were standing there waiting in 2 straight lines.
A while later we could enter the auditorium. As I was walking I got stopped by my teacher (Mrs. Tui) because someone (Not going to mention) told Mrs. Tui that I pushed him & that I hurt his knee. I knew it wasn't true because people from the back were pushing me.
So after the disaster I entered the auditorium, I saw the exhibition and people standing at the back of a desk. I had to go sit on the left side because there was no more space.
After all the talking and stuff we had to go and look around. The first thing I went to was Body Parts along with Caroline. Antonio (Explainer) helped us.
After that we found a card which told us all the things which we have to go and find out. I got 2 which I learnt, it was 'Centre of Mass' & 'Changing Pendulum'.
After all of our fun experience at the Science Road show we had to go. At first Room 5 had to leave first then Room 7. All of Room 7's rides came quick except for my group! We stood under the shelter freezing like crazy!
Finally our ride came! We all ran into the car and shut the door. Lucky for us the heater was on. When we went school I ran into class it was so warm but at the same time I was hungry!
That was the best Road show that I have seen so far! I wish to go there again...

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