Saturday, 7 May 2016

My Holidays!

Goal: Correct sentence punctuation AND correct use of other, punctuation, (contractions, commas, in lists) with experimentation in, and complex sentence.

My Holidays!
Isn’t going to the pools fun, but except on a rainy day were only the indoor pools are open, not outdoor pools!
I was not in luck or maybe I should say my whole family was not in luck! We imagined it to be a nice hot burning day full of kids & water splashing around, but instead we got a day full of rain, less kids & hardly water splashing around.
We couldn’t be ungrateful so we had to make the most of it.

It was so cold during my sleep so I put all the blankets on me. During that awful sleep my mum woke me up she said, “Sammy, Hurry up because we need to go!” So my eyes was slightly opening but I knew we had to hurry up because we needed to buy snacks & pick up the kids from Otara.

So I got out of bed grabbed my towel and rushed to the bathroom. I done all my business in the bathroom so I got out and picked out some clothes to go with. I quickly got ready then out the door I go.

On our way to Otara we stopped by Pakn’ Save to buy some snacks. We got all the stuff that all the girls liked and some of the boys. After Pakn’ save we went shooting off to Otara.

All the boys were ready o my mum and Kayla swapped cars. We had the van and Kayla had our car. While we were in the van driving to YMCA Pools we were shouting and talking so then my mum said that whoever talks will stay out of the pools for 5 minutes with her.
So when we arrived at the pools my mum and Genevieve told us to say in the car so they can go check if it was open. Once they came back to us Genevieve was laughing because they planned to prank us. When Genevieve came into the car she said to us, “Hahahaha we botz d it, its closed hahahahaha!” Everyone was throwing a tantrum until my mum came in the car and said, “Hurry up, everyone get out of the car if you want to swim!” So we all rushed out of the car and grabbed the stuff from the boot. When we got in the entrance the lady that was serving us was surprised, because she thought that it was only my mum and Genevieve swimming.

We asked the lady if the outdoor pool was open but she said, “No sorry.” We were okay with it. So anyways, we jumped in the pool, the thing was that there was less people. It kept going less, less, less & more less!

A few hours after that we were feeling hungry.The thing was that if we went out of the pool we have to go shower, get changed & sit with my mum until the hours are done. So we were moaning until my mum said, “ okay then, you guys can just rinse yourself then come eat for a little bit.

After minutes of eating, we had to go rinse ourselves again. We hopped in the pool, next thing you know there was water splashing everywhere! I hated it, because my brothers kept ganging up on me and Kalo! So I suddenly used my brain and went to hide in the corner with a paddleboard in my hands, covering my face. Too bad for Kalo because she was getting splashed on her face!

After another hour we were getting tired so we asked Fredrick if we could get out of the pool to go home. He was saying, “NO!,NO!,NO!” so we all sighed. Next thing you know, my cousin told me to go to the deep pool.
So when we went to the deep pool, my cousin wanted a glide challenge who can go the forest. You probably know who won! (It was my cousin!)

So anyways, after that Fredrick decieded to leave. So we hopped out of the pool and first we rinsed ourselves. We walked to the showers, so the boys in one group and the girls in one group!

We had to try and have a guick shower so we can go and eat somewhere... Once we finished showers we got changed and went out. My mum & Genevieve decieded to eat somewhere so someone from the boys shouted out, "ON THE MOUNTAIN!". We obviusly agreed with them. So my mum drove up.

On our way up the mountain it was kind of scary because a quarter of us in the car were afraid of heights!When we reached the top we took out our speaker and started blasting music. 

We decieded to take photos on the top of the mountain. We wanted to send it to Robertanna because she was on her Europe Tour! Anyways, when we walking up the mountain some of them slipped and fell! We couldn't stop laughing! 

Anyways after all that fun we headed home, but before home we went to McDonalds to buy us some smoothies & Ice Cream! We gave a lot of kisses and hugs for my mum for taking us out!

That was probably the best day ever, spending time with the family!! I wish to do that again...

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