Friday, 6 May 2016

Mothers Day Letter!

Mothers are the most specialist people on earth. They sacrifice everything for you! They also have the most passionate hearts!

My astonishing mother's name is Alisi Telefoni. She has the most kindest heart any mother could have. She is a lady that has a humble heart. She is the most grateful mother anyone could ever have in the world. She has 2 Siblings, Ana Telefoni & Mikaela Moa, but sadly Ana Telefoni has left the earth to go to heaven to Rest in Peace. So my mum is left with one breathtaking sister. My mum divorced when I was 7 years old, she is the lady that doesn't need a man to make her feel  good because she has her family by her side forever. I forgot to tell you her parents names it is, Kalolaine Aline Telefoni & Viliami Tesmale Telefoni. I have never met my pa but I know and heard a lot of amazing things about him, and there is left with nena who I grew up with and sadly left the earth to heaven on 22nd May 2014.  Back with my mum, she is everything to me, there is never a time where I can get her off my mind. She is up at 3:00 making money for us. She is such a hard working mum!She has long black hair, she smells like a rare rose, she is around 6 foot, has big brown eyes and a tongan descent. She is the ultimate warrior and I can’t forget to tell you that she is so over protective! She is the most funniest person on earth, whenever I try and hold a grudge to her she always has to make me laugh. She drives me nuts, and sometimes it goes over the limits and I feel like I wanna run away from home, but I have to always remember that how much she is sacrificing for Viliami and I. My mum is my one and only appealing angel. I appreciate everything she has done. I have been doing some really dumb things in the past, that even I can't even forgive myself for! My mum is strong enough to forgive me… No one in the world will ever replace her! I don't care if she is a unicorn, dog, horse, cow or vampire she is still my mother! My love for her is so unconditional! She has supported me since day 1 until now! The reason I believe, “Love at First Sight” because the 1st day my eyes opened I fell in love with her!

She is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Love you mum!

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