Friday, 27 September 2013

Cross Country

On a spicy hot day the whole school had cross country. It was at 1:30 to 3:00 pm. We had it on the field and the seniors had it out of school.  First up was the seniors then it was us. I was so nervous because it was from the fives, sixes, sevens and then us. Mrs Pole told us to jog on the first part.

When it had finished Mr Coackley said “I will hand out the sports award on Friday. We went to class to get our shoes and socks with our bags.

My aunty Kayla was asking how cross country was. When we went home my aunty cooked us some yummy dinner. First we had to go and have a shower. My mum was still at work while we were eating our yummy dinner. My aunty told us to go to our house  to get our towels and clothes.

We went to sleep with Genevieve and Sione To ’a . It was so warm. I tried to stay up but my aunty said “don’t worry go to sleep”.

Then the next day we were all ready to go to school!

By: Samantha    

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