Friday, 27 September 2013


On a rainy day Room 5 had swimming! The first thing we had to do is get change into our swimming gear.

In the pool we met a lady called Gillian. She was the lady that taught us how to swim. I had to go last because at that time I did not know how to swim. After a while we had free-time. I was learning how to swim. We had one more minute left so I swam back and forth. Then we had finished so I swam back to the stairs and climbed out to get my towel. All the girls had to get their uniforms. We all were soaking wet. We combed our hair to make it untangled. We had little lunch and I ate small to save some for big lunch.

Finally we were all dried up. Then we went back to class to learn more school work.
When It was home-time happened I went home and lay down watching television. I fell dead asleep. When it came to dinner, my aunty and my mother were asking me some questions about the swimming.

By Samantha

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