Friday, 27 September 2013


On a rainy day Room 5 had Badminton. First we had to get our gear ready. We met a guy named Robbie. He said to everyone “Good afternoon I am Robbie” Mr Gaffney told us to say “Good afternoon.” So we did.
We used shuttlecocks and rackets. He told everyone to go into one line to get a racket and a shuttlecock. I was last because I told the people at the back to go in front of me. Then he told everyone to space out because someone might get hit with the rackets.
We were using the back hand grip. Mr Gaffney told me “Stretch your arm so it will be much easier.” So I tried it and it worked. He said “You are doing well keep it up.” I hit him with the racket and I said. “So sorry”
Robbie called us to “come and sit down.” He told us to partner up. I went with Pio because nobody picked him.

He was first to serve. It was so funny because when Pio served he missed it. Then it was my turn and I did a perfect serve because it flew into the air and hit his head. We were laughing like there was no tomorrow.

When our lesson was finished Robbie said “Now we are going to use nets.” Then we had to go in two lines so we could go back to class so we can eat our yummy lunches.”
By Sammy   

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  1. Hi Sammy,
    I like the way you did some speech marks in the parts of the speaking .
    I bet is took you a long time for you to write this piece of writing.
    I was wondering how long was your Badminton?

    Oh and that was a great piece of writing.

    From Lenleigh