Friday, 12 August 2016

Cross Country Practise!

“WOW!! Okay then just leave me!” I say. “Hold up! I’m coming now!” I scream, but still walking slow as a turtle! I felt like a slob just walking! Well, some of the parts I ran and some I didn’t! I see nearly the whole of Room 5 going past, even Room 7! I couldn’t even run without my running shoes! I forgot to bring it so I just had to go in my school shoes.
I finally see Stanley just walking so I caught up with him and started having a conversation. He wanted to run so I told him to go and I’ll catch up. Then I see Rosrine so I went with her and had another long conversation. We saw Mrs. Tui getting her phone out taking photos so we were almost where she was and finally Stanley came. “Look good for the photo!” I say to Rosrine & Stanley. They just laughed at smiled for the picture. We were almost to the finish line and Rosrine made it first while I just walked it. As I crossed the finish line I went to the green cold grass and went and lied down. Today we have to do 3 laps! Crazy right?!?! If I can’t make 2 I surely can’t make 3!

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