Monday, 8 August 2016

Being Smart Online

Writing Type: Recount  
Recount - Cyber Bullying Talk
Constable Gordon had came to talk to Room 7 about being smart online.
“Does anyone know what Cyber means?” says Constable Gordon, some put up their hands and some didn't. Since Constable Gordon talked about cyber bullying one thing I have learnt was to always think whenever I do something electronically.  
One thing that really surprised me was if you are over the age of 14 and you have done something that is against the law, you can be charged. “You need to think” he says.
I am really grateful that Constable Gordon came because now I understand that if you cyber bully it can make a massive impact on people’s lives. Now I know that everything you do or say to someone online that is nasty is called ‘Cyber Bullying’.
Another thing that really surprised me was that New Zealand is the most rated where the cyber bullying is happening.
I know now that one thing you have to do is to think twice before you post or say something because it can never come off.

Written By: Sammy
Checked By: Alecia


  1. Wow!, I really think these are great ideas, this has helped me to think about next time i comment on someones blog post not too say anything that will be offensive