Friday, 29 July 2016

My Narrative (Trolls Trailer)

Setting: The Jungle
Problem: Lulu is scared of the dark and Willie is not calm.
Solution: She gets over her fear of the darkness, and Willie gets his peaceful sleep.
As I’m cuddled up in my leaves looking at the sky I see Willie (My older brother) sleeping. He wasn’t scared, I was! It was creepy for me because bears were in the jungle where we were, and on top of that I was near the trees! So I started singing while staring up in the sky. Willie woke up with an angry look on his face, “What the heck are you doing Lulu!? I’m trying to sleep here?!?!”.
Well I thought that he was just being nasty so I went back into my leaves and sat there for a while. I looked next to me, I saw my ukulele so I grabbed it and started singing. He woke up again and looked, all the creatures came out of there place and sang along with me. He looked at one that climbed onto his shoulder, so he flicked it off.

The creatures went back to their natural habitat. “Can I try it?” I had a humongous smile on my face! As I passed it over to him, he had an evil look on his face. As soon as he got it, he chucked it into the bonfire and went back to sleep. I looked and wiggled my  fingers while looking around, While Willie was sleeping in peace.

Written By: Sammy
Checked By: Lusia

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