Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tech - Making Bread

"Who is that girl in front of the ingredients?" the teacher says. "It's Sammy" Room 7 responds. "Can you show the yeast, Sammy?" the teacher asked. "Okay" with a confused look on my face, first I picked up the salt, then someone whispered, "Next to the flour" So when I found it I held it up with a grin. We were making bread, and some of the ingredients I didn't even know until tech.

 Mr. Swift had put a task which was to make bread. My partners were Rosrine & Manu. At first, it was kinda wet, but we managed. 

We also used teamwork which really helped a lot! Tech was amazing especially with our teacher Mr. Swift!


  1. Thank you, Mr Swift for teaching these young students how to make bread. Now as for you, Sammy I will be testing you when you come over. Make me some bread please!

    1. Thanks Ela x and yes i'll make you some bread xo

    2. Thanks Ela x and yes i'll make you some bread xo

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  3. Sammy,
    I like how you told us what ingredients there are to make bread.
    I really like how you made the bread in those steps just like how I made bread before and I made the bread in the order you have made it.
    It would be helpful if you made sure to tell us what you managed to do when the bread was wet.
    Good Work,Sammy.