Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Loving Mother!

My Loving  Mother!
My mum is a hard working lady, she is also funny.
She may sometimes get angry at me when I do some wrong things but after all her growlings she always tells me  “I love you no matter what and I will never stop loving you”
Then I turn my frown upside down. She is such a beautie.

When she goes to work she always gives me a kiss and says “Goodbye” She always gives me hugs and kisses when I go to bed. She never lets anybody harm me. She is the perfect mother for me! She gives us healthy homes if we are very sick. She works very hard just for us. She is very special to me. I will never replace her at the end of her life because she will always be in my heart forever and ever!
She is the one who inspires me! She is like an angel! She is my super hero and she will always be!!! As I said, I will never replace her, I really mean it! I will never forget her because she will always be in my heart forever!
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