Friday, 7 July 2017

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Learn: To organise my writing into paragraphs in which the ideas are clearly related and linking into paragraphs.

“Did you see that sir?! I’m a legend!” I shouted. I challenged myself by telling all the girls lined up that I will close my eyes, and catch the ball with one hand! I know right, I’ll never get that. I knew I would never get it, I couldn’t stand a chance. My heart was beating, it was beating so loud you could hear it! I didn’t want to humiliate myself. Oh well, I’ll be known as the cocky girl who can’t do anything right.
I closed my eyes with fear, my heart was pounding and pounding knowing how fast that damn machine chucks out its balls. The ball was firing out of the launcher, I opened my hand and the ball came and landed right into my palm. “WOAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” all the girls shouted .

I opened one of my eyes, and what do you know? The ball was right in my hands! I was bragging through the whole session! I told our instructor I am the first ever person on this earth that has caught a ball with my eyes closed! Too bad, he told me I wasn't actually the first person, still though I was the happiest person alive!! So thank you, Coach Campbell.

Holy Spirit in Scriptures .

I can identify people from the Old and New Testament. 

Monday, 1 May 2017

My Holidays!

Boss Baby or Fate of furious? It was so hard to decide what movie there was to watch. Everyone was keen to watch Fate of furious, but then we forgot about the little kids so we just went with Boss baby (I don't know why). 

Everyone was all set to go at 3:30 pm except one person, which was the one who was taking us there. Since we had missed the 3:30 pm one, we decided to go at 6:00 pm. When it was around about 4:30 we all hoped in the car and went off to the movies, but before that, we had to make two little stops. The gas station and the grocery store. 

When we made our stops, we went straight to the movies. We all had partners (Big kids paired with the younger). I had Jacob, luckily he listened to me. When we went into the movie, there was a massive cue. 
While waiting, I turned around and saw my cousin. I went over to her and said hi, she was talking about this is her first job, so I had to congratulate her!

Finally! It was our turn to go to the counter. It was such a long wait! Luckily, we didn't have to wait even longer because once we got our tickets, we could head straight into the theater. 

Once the movie ended, all of the kids cleaned up our mess. When we got out of the theater we had to wait a bit longer because our ride wasn't there yet. 
About 30 minutes later they came, we all hopped in and headed back home.

I thought that was the best, amongst all the trips we went too on our short holiday. I wish to go movies again with them! Hanging around with them is such a great vibe. 💓💓